A New Look

 1st March 2015

 Scott Hampshire

Well, I was planning on having something long and detailed for this, but I keep putting it off. I'm forcing myself to write something up to get the ball rolling, and hopefully the momentum of having something new will keep me going.

Traditional woodworking was always my first love when it comes to the craft

First things first, I've changed my name and logo. From here on out I'll be going as Hampshire Woodworks. I sat trying to think of a name for a long time and finally came back to this. I figured attaching my name to the product will help with recognition and people looking for me when they see the logo or sign. I've been out of carving for a while, and while I still enjoy it, I don't know if I'll be doing it much. Traditional woodworking was always my first love when it comes to the craft, while woodcaving was really there to fill the void when I didn't have the room or money to build furniture.

The other item I'd like to announce is that I've been officially accepted to be part of the Hillsboro Farmers Market this summer. I can go into the story of how I got to the decision to do this, but I'll hold that for another post. The market kicks off May 2nd and will go until sometime in September if I remember correctly. I plan on being there every Saturday, so if you're in the area, come on out! I've heard from several people that it might get boring at times, so I welcome everyone.

I'm nervous for the things to come, but I'm also optimistic. I've had lots of support and positive comments thus far, so I hope these are signs of a good future. Like I mentioned at the beginning, I will be posting here more frequently. This is when it begins! (for reals this time)