Horse [Maple] & Updates

 30th September 2014

 Scott Hampshire

It has been quite a while since you've heard from me, and I'd probably attribute that to the fact that I haven't been up to much over the last 6 months or so. Life has been busy with home remodels, vacations, and work restrictions. Thankfully the Holiday season is approaching, which inevitably pulls me back into the game. I've also made a few changes to my setup at home, which I'll discuss further below.

First things first, I've made the decision to expand my repertoire beyond carving and am moving into furniture and traditional woodworking. This doesn't mean that I will completely stop with carving, quite the contrary, but it does mean that you'll be seeing other projects here that may not contain any carving at all. We might have a label change to SH Woodworking, but I'm staying with Carving for the time being. I made the decision after realizing I finally have space to set up a shop at home with the tools required to build on a larger scale. I don't have all the tools I need, but my collection will grow over the years. I've recently purchased a table saw which is the first step in setting up the shop. Using it, however, is out of the question until I install the required 240V circuits for it. This remains a work in progress, but I estimate I'll be done in the next two weeks.

You'll be seeing other projects here that may not contain any carving at all

Second is I currently have two projects in queue, one is something personal and the other is a commission. The commission is a sign of similar quality to the one I carved for our wall. It will be a Butternut lettering mounted on a Maple backing. I'll be starting on this ASAP, but it is a Christmas present, so I have plenty of time to finish. The second project is for my daughter Elizabeth (Lili). My wife and I decided that she could use a rocking horse after we saw how smitten she was with the horse that belonged to her friend Hugo. As easy as it would be to buy a horse, I'm always looking for projects that I can take on, plus I wanted something that could have a sentimental attachment and could be passed down through all of our children. We looked at plans available online and both decided that "Krackles" was the horse for Lili. The design is large and strong enough to handle older children, but it also only 11" high from the seat to the top of the rocker base. This keeps Mom from worrying too much about falls. Krackles will be built from soft Maple and painted. If I wanted something naturally finished I would have used more exotic woods, but this is a toy and cost is still an issue, so Maple should be more than adequate to hold up to the rigors of playtime.

Once the shop is a little more in order and organized I intend to do a full tour, but these pictures of the very WIP should hopefully suffice. As you can see I've got the saw semi in place (needs to be leveled) and the dust collector mounted on the wall. Once the power is run, I can get some 4" PVC to run the dust collection to the wall/to the eventual dust separator.