A Look Back at 2015

 10th January 2016

 Scott Hampshire

Another year another time when I try to convince myself to write more on the website. (If you haven't figured it out, I do quite a bit more of shop and product updates on my Facebook and Instagram *cough* shameless plug *cough*)

it's like night and day

What really brought me in was I happened to see a photo of my shop at the end of last year (2014), and I can't believe all that I've done in 2015. This time last year I had a tablesaw, half built workbench, and a benchtop drill press I borrowed from my neighbor. Now I'm outfitted with everything from a full rack of lumber on the wall to full dust collection for each of my tools, it's like night and day. Granted, it looked quite a bit cleaner when I didn't have so many tools...

I'd love to go on and on about how happy I am that my shop has grown and that I'm finding ways to sell my work, but there's really just one thing I want to say: thank you to Cyndi (my wife), the main person who helped me get to this point. She's the one that puts up with the copious amounts of sawdust in my clothes, on the floor by the garage, on the car, and the nights I come to bed at less than respectable hours of the morning. She's the one that said I could use our tax returns to furnish the shop to "make money with my hobby." Ha. She also supported me when I said I wanted to sell at a market, and when I started to build furniture instead of cutting boards and bottle openers. She believed in me in the moments when I almost didn't believe in myself. Thank you for standing by me sweetheart, I don't know how the house would stay together without you.

I'm off to a great start this year

Other than building an actual shop this last year, the other big thing that happened would be the completion of the Mission style queen bed frame. It was my first big commission and I'm happy to know that my clients are still thrilled every time they get to sleep in it. Building that bed was a blast (even if I seemed annoyed at the vast number of mortises I had to make) and a great learning experience for working with really large scale components. I'm off to a great start this year with a hallway bench/shelf unit with a kids table and chair set for one of my clients. I've also stumbled upon a fleeting moment of internet fame with a Dice Tower I made for some friends. Since then I've been able to sell several on my etsy page for clients all over the world(!) I'm sure I'll write more in detail about these upcoming projects soon. That is, if I can keep to my resolution of write write write.

Finally I wanted to say thanks to all of you for sticking around and reading, watching, and encouraging. I truly do enjoy sharing my working with others, and hearing the encouraging words that you all share. Here's to 2016, lets make it a good one!